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In order to motivate the spirit of innovation and scientific research among the engineering students, the Military Technical College organizes the international undergraduate research conference (IUGRC) every year sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence. The IUGRC activities are intended to be a forum that facilitates and promotes communication and cooperation among participants. That participants in this event will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, network, discuss challenges, and share ideas during technical sessions and networking breaks.

The IUGRC aims to provide undergraduate engineering students from various specializations and majors with the opportunity to present their research work on the latest engineering applications. The participating papers are evaluated based on the originality of the work presented, the quality of the analytical and experimental work as well as the level of technical presentation. In addition to the scientific sessions, the conference is packed with keynote talks presented by high profile speakers in the fields of entrepreneurship, future perspectives, research and postgraduate challenges and opportunities. 

Current Issue: Volume 2, Second International Undergraduate Research Conference, IUGRC, 2017 

1. Arduino-based Portable Device for Tracking Forces in Real Time

Pages 82-82

Alejandro Menéndez Rillo; Jorge Ortín

2. Structural Analysis of a Transport Aircraft Wing

Pages 31-31

Alnazir Khalafallah Alatta; Mohammed Alnazir Abd Algader; Tariq Hassan Alsonni; Abdul Aziz Abdul Majid Sulieman

5. Review of Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) and Applications

Pages 55-55

Muhammad Ishaq; Muhammad Waqar; Shawkat Ali

6. Smart Infusion Syringe Pump for Precise Medicine Injection into a Human Body

Pages 128-128

Hamza Bin Rashid; Ahsan Salman; Hiba Ali; Shawkat Ali

8. Implementation of Teaching Methods in Engineering College

Pages 67-67

Hassan Sajid; Hana Tariq; Muhammad Raheel Mohyuddin

9. Involvement of students in E-Learning

Pages 68-68

Marwa ALYahmedi; Sheikha ALZaabi; Muhammad Raheel Mohyuddin; Nabila Al Balushi

10. CNC Machine Design, Fabrication and Control: A DC Serov Motor Based System

Pages 71-71

Hosam Khalaf; Ammar Atef; Hadear Hermas; Hossam S. Abbas

11. Tri-Band Mobile Jammer

Pages 56-56

Ahmed T. Diab; Islam A. Rostom; Mohamed O. Abdalhay; Mohamed T. Shehata; Hesham El Badawy

12. Investigation of Turbocharger Conversion to Turbojet Engine

Pages 50-50

Nader Nasser Gamal Shohdy; Ahmed Gamal Taha Mubarak; Eslam Adel Hussein Ibrahim; Abdelrahman Tarek Fathy Mansour; Mohammed Ahmed Saad Mahmoud; Sayed Ahmed Gamal El Dein Fayed; Aly M. Elzahaby

13. Self-healing Mortar Using Microbiologically Induced Calcite Precipitation

Pages 97-97

Ahmed M. Khedr; Ahmed M. Salem; Elsayed E. Elzamly; Amany M. Mohamed; Pardies A. Ali; Ghada R. Gadallah; Amal A. Nasser; RATEB N. ABBAS

14. Home Design using Augmented Reality

Pages 36-36

Islam Ibrahim; Nader Alaa El-Din; Abubakr Sokarno; Eslam Tharwat; Ahmed El Saeed; Ahmed Elsayed; Amal Abu tabl

15. Advanced Hieroglyphs Recognition System(AHRS)

Pages 102-102

Abdelkreem Elsayed; Mohamed Hegazy; Ibrahem Mohsen; Ahmed Mofreh; Ahmed Ali; Rowayda Sadek

16. Embedded Smart Meter System (ESMS)

Pages 83-83

Mohamed Ramadan; Abdelrahman Omar; Nour Ahmed; Rowayda A. Sadek

17. Design & implementation of an unmanned ground vehicle with power system optimization

Pages 76-76

Younis Ebrahim; Khaled Gamal; Omar magdi; Ahmed Sayed; Adel Ahmed; Mamdouh El-Sayed Goda

18. Structural Analysis of Port Fouad Ferryboat Wheel Deck

Pages 98-98

Bassem Radwan Elbanna; Ahmed Ibrahim Sayed; Heba El-Kilani; Mohamed Mansour

20. Computer-aided drug discovery of PI4KIIIβ inhibitor as anti-virus agent

Pages 111-111

Mahmoud A. A. Ibrahim; Alaa H. M. Abdelrahman; Alaa M. A. Hassan

21. Quantum chemical study of Pnicogen bond based on point-of-charge and MEP

Pages 112-112

Mahmoud A. A. Ibrahim; Hussein M. H. Ali; Abeer A. M. Hasb

22. Smart Automated Farming Device using WSN

Pages 84-84

Takwa Nabil; Norhan Amin; Omnia Hosny; Abdelrahman Mustafa; Rania Ahmed Abdel Azeem Abul Seoud; Mariam Faied

23. Avatar-based system for transform continuous Arabic speech into Arabic sign language

Pages 37-37

Hossam Hassan; Eslam saad; Sally Ahmed; Sarah sayed; Aya Nasser; Masoud Shaheen

24. Cancer Classification using Data Mining Applications

Pages 129-129

Ahmed Ramadan Youssef; Ahmed Adel Ragab; Aya Mohamed Sadek; Shima Moustafa Korany; Abdelrahman Gamal Youssef; Abdelrahman Ibrahim; Rania Ahmed Abdel Azeem Abul Seoud; Dina Ahmed Salem


Pages 103-103

Amany Yehia Moftah; Aml Samir Radi; Mona Korany Mohamed; Esraa Mawed Mohamed; Shereen A. Taie

26. Video Recommender system based on Emotion Recognition

Pages 104-104

Alaa Mohamed; Mariam Reda; Mario Emad; Evram Hany; Selvia Gamal; Martina Mamdouh; Shereen A. Taie

27. Design and Implementation of CubeSat Communication System

Pages 106-106

Amr Ahmed; Mohammed Ateya; Mohammed Abubakr; Ibrahim F. Tarrad; Mohammed Abdelmoneam; Ahmed Farrag

28. Design and Implementation of CubeSat Ground Station Subsystem

Pages 107-107

Ahmed Abdelhady; Mohammed Elsayed; Mohammed Abdelnaser; Bishoy Karam; Elsayed Soleit; Ibrahim F. Tarrad; Saad Elsayed

29. Design and Implementation of Satellite (Cubesat) Attitude Control Sub Systems

Pages 108-108

Karim Mohamed; Mahmoud hassan; Ahmed Atef Abdel Wahab; Mohamed mamdouh; Abdellah El Dahshan; Elsayed Soleit

30. Exploiting Augmented Reality in Virtual Shopping (Virsho)

Pages 38-38

Islam Aly; Ayman Yehia; Ahmed Mohamed; Mahmoud Shaltoot; Emad S. Othman

31. Home Automation with Arduino Board

Pages 85-85

Ahmed Eldamasy; Mahamoud El-Feqy; Hager Awaad; Emad S. Othman

32. Voice Controlled Personal Assistant Using Raspberry Pi

Pages 86-86

Dina Ashraf; Ahmed Samir; Omer Emad; Emad S. Othman

33. Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Wastewater Activated Sludge with Rice Straw and Cow Manure

Pages 51-51

Mohamed Khalil; Ibrahim EL Sayed; Mohamed Saber; Mahmoud Saber; Mohamed Hassan; Mohamed EL Sayed; Ahmed EL Banhawy; Abdo Eldondaity; Mahmoud Fouad; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad; Mahmoud M. Abdel daiem

34. Radio-Controlled-Submarine Model for Engineering Education

Pages 77-77

Khaleed Al-Hindi; Majed Al-Muallem; Ghali Al-Adwani; Khaleed Faqiha; Ragheed Bantan; Akrm Zamzami; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

35. Home-Scale Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine for Electricity Generation

Pages 46-46

Ahmad EL Banhawy; Mohamed Hassan; Mohamed Khalil; Ibrahim EL Sayed; Mohamed Saber; Mahmoud Saber; Mohamed EL Sayed; Abdo Eldondaity; Mahmoud Fouad; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad; Mahmoud M. Abdel daiem; Ahmed G. H. Shaltut

36. Running a Home Water Filter Using Solar Energy

Pages 47-47

Abdel-Rahman El-Dondaity; Mahmoud Fouad; Mohamed EL Sayed; Mohamed Khalil; Ibrahim EL Sayed; Mohamed Saber; Mahmoud Saber; Mohamed Hassan; Ahmed EL Banhawy; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad; Mahmoud M. Abdel daiem

37. Kamco Kadet Airplane: Flow Simulation Study

Pages 42-42

Ahmed Adel Mohamed Abdel-Rahim; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

38. NaviBotics: Indoor Navigation and Localization Mobile Robot

Pages 78-78

Ahmed Abdelbasit Mohamed; Ahmed Abdelbadee Elsayed; Aya Ibrahim Elsayed; Nourhan Mansour Mohamed; Omar Raafat Abdullatif; Yasmine Ahmed Abdelbasit; Ahmed Mohamed Helm

39. Preliminary Design of Heavy Duty Industrial Gas Turbine

Pages 52-52

Ahmed ElDemerdash; Ahmed ElShaer; Ahmed Hamid; Ahmed khairy; Ahmed Samir; Ahmed Shehta; Andrew Maher; Mohamed Adel; Mostafa Elgamal; Ahmed F. El-Sayed; Mohamed S. Emeara

40. ZagHexa: Design, Construction and Control of a Hexapod Walking Robot

Pages 79-79

Khaled Mohamed Mohamed Abdelrahman Risha; Mahmoud Mohamed Awadallah; Muhammad Alaa Muhammad; Amira Elsayed Soliman Fadaly; Hend Khairy Abdelhamed; Nehad Abdelsalam Afifi; Mohammed Nour Abdel Gwad Ahmed

41. Nanofibers Synthesized by Homemade Electrospinning System to be Utilized in Engineering Application

Pages 134-134

Eslam Adel Hussein; Mohammed Ahmed El-Sayed; Hamada Fathy Elgnainy; Nehal Aboulfotoh Ali

42. Photovoltaic Applications and a USB Power Bank Prototype Implementation

Pages 72-72

Rawia Shehata; Manar Ali; Hasnaa Ibrahim; Basma Mohammed; Gamal M. Dousoky

45. Moving Coil Coreless Linear Generator for Wave Energy Conversion

Pages 73-73

Atef Al-Hazmi; Adel Ali Al-Ghamdi; Sulyman Ali Abudawood; Waleed Ibrahim Al-Addani; Mohammed Alsumiri; Engr. Imran Fazal

48. Hybrid Wind and Solar LED Streetlight

Pages 48-48

Abdolhadi Sheikh; Mohammad Alyoubi; Abdulrahman Zuhdi; Abdulmajeed Koshok; Fayez Aldawi

49. Human State Recognition Using EEG Signal

Pages 130-130

Hamada Fathy Elgnainy; Tarek Hassan Aouker

50. Mental Health Care-Patient Management System

Pages 131-131

Abdallah M. E. Salem; Nada F. A. El-Nimmr; Aliaa S. A. El-batal; Marco M. N. Gobrial; Mohamed Adel T. Solaiman; Mohamed Salah A. Salem; Sharl Shamoon S. Benjamin; Mohamed K. Elmahy

51. Microcontroller based Furnace Oil Tank Level Control System

Pages 122-122

Khaled Alzahrani; Rami Alzahrani; Badar Alsubaiee; Mohammed Afandi; Sivadasan Kottayi; Raed Althomali

53. Polyvinyl chloride/halloysite nanocomposites: Mechanical properties and thermal stability studies

Pages 114-114

Abed Alhazmi; Abdulrahman Al-Johani; Yasser Alhaidari; Saeed Alsehli; Khaled Al-Zanbaqi; Majed Alghamdi; Selvin P. Thomas; Aravinthan Gopanna

54. Design and Analysis of Pico-Satellite Orbital Deployer for Multi-Launch Vehicle

Pages 34-34

Abu Bakr Mamdouh al Husseini; Ahmed El Sayed Mohamed Elhwary; Mohamed Riad Ali Ghazy; Abu Bakr Mohammed AlHadY

55. Forgotten Blades

Pages 39-39

Zeyad Tarek; Ali Mohamed; Naryman Abo Elnasr; Yasmeen Ahmed; Mohammed Badawy

56. Smart Device for Blind Aid

Pages 123-123

Ahmed M. A. Mousa; Mena A. G. Fahmy; Reham. M. F. Ahmed; Marina. A. S. Abdo; Ruba A. M. Al Zaher; Menna. A Abd Al-Aziz; Hussein A. Omran

58. Calculating Aerodynamic & Stability Characteristics for a MALE UAV using USAF Digital DATCOM

Pages 63-63

Nour ELdein Ahmed Ibrahim; Mohamed Y. Zakaria; Ahmed Mohamed Elsebaie

59. Hydraulic-Powered Robotic Arm from Simple Materials for Engineering Education

Pages 80-80

Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel-alem; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

60. Small-Scale Open-cycle Wind Tunnel

Pages 43-43

Mohamed H. Elsadek; Abdelrahman M. Lotfy; Mohamed G. Abdelhameed; Mohamed G. Ali; Ammar M. Mohamed; Mohamed H. Intisar; Dalya G. Abdelhameed; Omnia N. Mahmoud; Hassnaa K. Mohamed; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

61. Numerical Simulation of A Rocket Propulsion Nozzle During the Startup Condition

Pages 26-26

Ahmed M. Elattar; Ahmed W. Shahin; Yehia A. Eldrainy

62. Design and development of the EGY_univer_sat1 EUS1

Pages 109-109

Ali Tarek; Aisha Sobhy; Hanna Adel; Hadeer Mohamed; Nada Magdy; Osama A. Monem

63. Experimental and Theoretical Determination of Rotor Critical Speeds

Pages 92-92

Mohamed Khames Ghoniem; Ayman Atta Gerguis; Michael Makram; Ahmed F. Nemnem; Ahmed Badawy

64. Proposed Modification of the Runner Vanes of a Kaplan Turbine

Pages 27-27

Ahmad Abd El-Aziz; Mohamed Ahmed; Ahmed Shaaban; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

65. Effect of Valve Internal Geometry on the Flow Field

Pages 28-28

Abdallah Mosaad Abdallah; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

66. Ancient Egyptian Aeroplane Modification

Pages 44-44

Mahmoud Adel Abdel-Hamid; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad


Pages 74-74

Ahmed Mohamed Ebeed; Elhossien Osama Elmansi Ali; Ahmed Mohamed Tokhy; Ahmed Elsayed Sawwan; Amal farouk

68. Design of a solar tracking system for renewable energy

Pages 60-60

Saleh Mohamed Ahmed Alazazy; Abdulhamid Mohamed; Abdulhamid Amin; Mohamed Atef; Mohamed Ahmed Housseny; Aml farouk

69. Air Compressor

Pages 29-29

Mostafa Hussein Ahmed Naeem; Marwan Mohamed Mohamed; Ahmed Soliman; Mostafa Abd-elbaset Elsaid Ahmed; Mostafa Saad Mohamed Mohamed Eldaly; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

70. Computational Investigation of the Aerodynamics of “Formula One” Car Model

Pages 64-64

Tariq Mostafa Mohammed Al-Sawy; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

71. Polarization of Light for Safe Driving

Pages 90-90

Eslam Mohamed Soliman; Ahmed Farouk AbdelGawad

72. Smart Emergency Response System

Pages 124-124

Mukhtar Abdellatif Mohamed Mukhtar; Sara Bayoumy

73. Preliminary Investigation on the Impact of Missile Design on its Aerodynamic Features

Pages 65-65

Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah; Ahmed E. Hassan; Mahmoud Y. M. Ahmed

75. Development and Field Test of a Solar Hot Water System for Residential Application Using Polymer Absorber

Pages 61-61

Abdullah Filmban; Fajr Lodhi; Ahmed Aftab; Anas Alhindi; Hazim Moria

76. Review of Improvised Explosive Devices

Pages 115-115

Ahmed Ibrahim Elramy; Hisham El-taher

77. Impact of blast wave on performance of walls strengthened by composite materials

Pages 100-100

Eslam Ashraf; Nader Saied; Mohamed Samir; Ameen Osama; Sherif A. Mazik

78. History of human test dummies for crash and blast protection

Pages 93-93

Mohamed Emam Kamal; Hisham M. Eltaher

80. Development of an anti-blast protection system for military vehicles

Pages 95-95

Mohamed Elmoghazy Fahmy; Hisham M. Eltaher

83. Implementation of AES Encryption on GPUs

Pages 40-40

Ibrahim B. Elsakka; Ahmed G. Ismael; Ahmed W. Elshazly; Mohamed M. Fouad; Ahmed A. Abdelrahman

84. Advanced Radar Waveforms Generation and Processing using Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Pages 57-57

Abdelaziz R. Abdelaziz; Hossam R. Abdelmoaty; Mohamed A. Senousy; Fathy M. Ahmed; Sameh G. Salem

85. Optimization of Tracked Vehicles Performance Characteristics

Pages 118-118

Kariem Mohamed Ahmed; Amgad Mohamed Salem


Pages 126-126

Mohamed Ibrahim; Adel Mohab; Moheb Atef; Mostafa Hesham; Mohamed Alaa; Abd Elrahman El Shahat; Mohamed Rabea; Amr Maher; Yehia. Z. Elhalwagy; Moataz Abu L Noor; Mohamed Benaya; Sherif Hassan

87. Design and Implementation of Tanks’ Amphibious Ferry

Pages 119-119

Mohamed A. Kamal; Mostafa Khalifa; Khaled Shaaaban

88. Design of Mini Missile Launcher 40 mm

Pages 120-120

Mohamed Samir Kamel; Ahmed Ayman Mohamed; Abdel-majeed Alsayed Saeed; Mohamed S. Aboul-Khair; Osama Ramy

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